First Year Limited Edition Tasting Set of 3

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Volume: 720ml
Rice Polishing Ratio: Undisclosed
Brewed and Bottled in Nagano, Japan 

water of the mountains, sake of the skies

To commemorate the first year of brewing narai, we have prepared a tasting set of 3 bottles, brewed with 3 varieties of sake rice local to Nagano (Kinmon-nishiki, Sankei-nishiki, and Miyama-nishiki).

narai will not be sold by individual rice variety, so please take this special opportunity to enjoy the full tasting set.

A new Japanese sake from a revived historic sake brewery.
Brewed from the fresh mountain water of Kiso Valley that has long supported the town of Narai-juku, and locally produced rice from nearby Azumino, Nagano.
Each bottle is carefully prepared through a small-lot production method unique to microbreweries.
We hope you enjoy the special taste of narai, handcrafted from the finest quality water and rice. 

We use several types of sake rice, and adjust our brewing methods accordingly, to create different varieties of narai. Going forward, we hope to continue developing and refining narai based on valuable feedback from our customers.

If you would like to submit your feedback, please scan the QR code on the bottle top to fill out the survey.


Keep refrigerated (5 -10°C) and store vertically in a cool, dark place.
Please open with caution as the bottle cap may pop off unexpectedly, and keep the mouth of the bottle pointed away from people or fragile items.

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