A picture of the exterior of the bar building.


a brewery-operated

bar & workspace

Introducing sagyobar: a place where brewery operations (sagyo) and drinking (bar) come together. We have combined our brewery workspace, where we pack boxes and fulfill orders, with a place to enjoy sake served from our very own suginomori wagon.

The renovated warehouse was originally used for storing equipment and business supplies left from our predecessor, the old Suginomori Shuzo. While maintaining its original structure, we have revamped its entrance and installed new features such as lighting and air conditioning. We utilize “P-boxes” – containers used to transport sake bottles – that can be flexibly arranged to transform the space into a standing bar.

A picture of the bar building.A picture of the exterior of the bar building.A picture of the interior of the bar.

sagyobar is a place where visitors to Narai-juku can enjoy narai, freshly brewed at our brewery just a short walk away. We also plan to host music events, workshops, and other various activities, and turn sagyobar into a new tourist hub in Narai-juku.

A picture of the interior of the bar.

suginomori wagon

sagyobar is also the home of “suginomori wagon” – our very own vehicle equipped with a sake server, offering the narai tasting set, local specialty menus, and original merchandise of suginomori brewery. suginomori wagon also serves as a mobile sales vehicle, allowing us to bring narai to various events within Nagano and all over the country.


755-1 Narai, Shiojiri, Nagano 399-6303

By train

4 min walk from Narai Station (JR Chuo Main Line)

By car

35 min from Shiojiri IC / 40 min from Ina IC

*Please use the parking lots at “Michi no eki Narai Kiso-no-ohashi” or “Mizubeno Furusato Fureai Koen”

*Please kindly avoid parking on vacant property or the street

operating hours

We generally operate on an irregular schedule, but are OPEN every Friday and Saturday from 1PM to 5PM.

*For other dates, please feel free to approach our staff if you see them.

*We do not sell alcoholic beverages to drivers or individuals under the legal drinking age.

Banto (Head Clerk): Masaki Nishikawa

From Hiroshima. Nishikawa is engaged in manufacturing management, sales management, liquor tax management, general affairs and sales administration.

A trustworthy and dependable presence, it is often said that “if you need anything, just ask Nishikawa.” Nishikawa joined Matsumoto Sake Brewery in Kyoto in 2006. After serving as head clerk there for many years, Nishikawa joined suginomori brewery in 2021. He strives to create an environment in which the brewer can fully concentrate on their craft.

A picture of the interior of the bar.