narai kinmon


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Mountain water of Narai, Kinmon Nishiki rice from Azumino, Sake yeast (Kyokai No.7)
Volume: 720ml
Rice Polishing Ratio: Undisclosed (Junmai Daiginjyo class)
Alcohol Content: 14%
Place of Production: Narai-juku, Nagano

Storage Instructions: Keep refrigerated (5 -10°C) and store vertically in a cool, dark place.
*As each step of the brewing process is done by hand, production quantities are limited.

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tasting notes

The aroma initially opens with the sweetness of konpeito (Japanese sugar candy) and sugarcane, accompanied by the herbal fragrance of sweet basil. Upon swirling, the nuances blend harmoniously. Subsequently, the cool and refreshing aroma of hard rice arises. Despite the sweetness in its aroma, the flavor features a more gentle, slightly milky acidity. Combined with the sake's refined texture, this results in a lighter body than anticipated. As the flavor progresses, the fullness of soft rice emerges. With its delicate sweetness, this sake pairs well with Japanese cuisine, but can also be paired richer Western dishes, such as sautéed lobster or abalone, and buttery grilled vegetables.
narai kinmon is brewed from Kinmon Nishiki, a rare rice variety bred from Yamada Nishiki and only produced in a very small part of Nagano. It features a delicately sweet aroma and a soft, gently effervescent mouthfeel. A harmonious blend of moderate acidity and subtle sweetness culminates in a light and well-balanced flavor. The umami of rice spreads in your mouth, giving it a distinctive sense of rounded depth and clarity.
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Our brewery is nestled in the beautiful townscape of Narai-juku, a historic and well-preserved town in Nagano Prefecture. narai uses the fresh mountain water of nearby Kiso Valley, flowing from an altitude of over 1,000m. The water is characterized by its clarity and smooth, rounded texture, brought about by a rare of less than 25. We hope you enjoy narai, a sake that expresses the beautiful nature of Nagano.